Sunday, 18 September 2011

Your tent or mine?

Tomorrow morning at 8:30AM(!) I will be at my college waiting to get the coach to go on our trip. We're going camping for 3 days, yes I know its not a long time but it means sleeping in a tent outside and the weather man said its going to rain and be windy. Not.Cool! It's currently 5:50pm and I haven't even started packing yet because I am 1/3 of the most disorganised family ever, although, in my defence I have written a list of all the things I want/need to take with me (I'm a little obsessed with lists, weird fact for ya') so I am kind of organised. The one thing I have completely sorted is my make up. Now I know I should embrace the outdoors and go make up free but I just can't bare to do that with anyone except my family and boyfriend because I have horrible skin, so I'm taking the bare minimum of products with me, Promise!
This is what I am taking: 
- Sure deodorant
- Batiste dry shampoo for brown hair
- Boots simply sensitive make up remover wipes
- Rimmel London colour match foundation (in the little pot)
- Rimmel London stay matte powder
- Make up Forever Mist & Fix
- Formula lip balm
- Carex hand sanitiser
- Elf foundation brush
- Elf powder brush
- Hair brush
I'm obviously taking shampoo & body wash, clothes and undies but they are all still in my drawer waiting to be taken out and put in my bag. 
I will be back on Wednesday evening so I will not be posting again until then or Thursday morning. 
What would be your camping essentials? 


  1. i have never been camping - waaaaay scary x

  2. Love your title- At V Fest a lot of people had that slogan on their tshirts.
    I was a camping virgin till this summer!
    My essentials are dry shampoo, mirror and when I was at a festival m phone had no battery and my necklace/watch was a lifesaver! haha


  3. I've never ever been camping but it's one thing I totally, totally want to try!

  4. Enjoy camping! When I went to v I had to take some powder with me to at least make me look more awake!


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