Sunday, 2 October 2011

My Skin Story

Turns out I inherited the worst skin genes from my mum and dad! I never ever used to wear make up so my skin was so nice, until that time where a girl becomes a woman and everything went downhill, rapidly. From the age of about 15/16 my skin went from bad to ACNE. Believe me when I say I tried EVERYTHING to banish those little spotty buggers but nothing ever worked. My skin was at its worst 2 years ago when my face was covered in acne, I hated the way I looked, I had zero confidence, no matter what products I tired they wouldn't clear up, whatever make up I used I just couldn't cover them, It was then I decided something just had to change. I asked my mum if I could go and see my doctor to find out if he could do anything. Sure enough he had my lifesavers in his prescription list! HALLELUJAH!! 
I started off with erythromycin tablets which I still take twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening) as well as a solution that I put on my face before I go to bed, It stank and made my eyes sting but that's the price you pay for beauty!. I used the two together for about a year and I've never been so impressed! My skin had cleared up about 70% in just one year of using them. Half way through last year I stopped using the solution and just took the tablets, took my make up off every night and found a foundation with SPF in it (helps with scarring) and everything got better from then. Although the spots had gone I suffer from a little scarring so I took another trip to the doctors and he gave me a cream that essentially acts like a chemical peel, over time. I used it for around 2 months on different parts of my face and it seemed to work. It wasn't until about a week ago when it went a bit odd. I managed to get a small bit of the cream on my neck and it became inflamed and the next day it began to peel like I had been burned badly by the sun! My face completely dried out, it felt like every last bit of moisture had been sucked from it. safe to say I am no longer using it! 
Right now I'd say my skin is around 85% clear, I have break outs when I'm due on but I'm taking my tablets everyday, I've finally found a skincare routine that works (more on that later) and I have my confidence back! I can look in a mirror and think you look nice today, not you look disgusting always.

I'd like to say to anyone who has similar skin to me that it will get better in time, you will get your confidence back. Love yourself for who you are and not who you think you should be! You are beautiful! 

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  1. I never knew erythromycin helped with skin, that's real interesting to know!


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