Sunday, 23 October 2011

Travel Series: Carry On Bag!

Whenever you go on a plane you always need to have that little bag of goodies to keep you occupied throughout the flight. I'm feeling a bit un-organised and haven't actually found a bag to take on the plane but I do know what I'm going to put in it! (hooray!)

The things I will be taking are: My passport and purse, for obvious reasons! A book, a lip balm (with spf!) my camera, I was taking the picture on my camera so I just put the little pouch I put it in instead. My travel sickness tablets (boo!) a pen and the book at the back with tinkerbell and peter pan on it, which is my blog book that I write all my ideas and notes in, just in case I think of anything while I'm away! Always thinking of you guys ha-ha! 
Can't believe I'm on a flight at 8am tomorrow morning! Means I have to be awake at like 6am, complete madness! 

(I typed this post up on Saturday morning and scheduled it to post on Sunday morning because I'm at work so I'm hoping this works!)  


  1. Have fun and have a safe flight! :)


  2. This is really sweet, I love the fact that you take a book to jot ideas in!

    Have a lovely time.

    Jazz xo

  3. Have a good time! I've been trying to work out my carry on stuff for my flight, haven't a clue really!

  4. thanks girlies! talk to you all soon Xx

  5. I always bring socks on flights! My feet get sooo cold

  6. Super cute you have a blog book. I really could do with one of those!


  7. Great post. I really like your blog.^^

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  8. have a nice flight! lovely purse!

    jos xx


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