Tuesday, 1 November 2011

November Movember

Its November already, this year has gone very fast indeed. I though today was a good time to talk about something a little bit more serious. The month of November is know by a lot of people as MOvember, this month its time for all the men to put down those razors and let the facial fuzz grow all in the name of fundraising!  
All through the month of November men everywhere will be being sponsored to grow the longest or funniest and craziest moustaches they can to help raise money for prostate cancer charities all over the world. Its such a good cause and a fun way to raise money, especially if you are a girl and get to witness and laugh at the boy's funny facial hair by the end of the month. I think you should all go into your work, school, talk to your brothers, boyfriends, husbands and encourage them to participate this month, give a few pennies to anyone you come across who is doing Movember. Get fundrasing, Get encouraging, Get giving, GET GROWING! 
Happy Movember!

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  1. Oh my god I have never heard of this, sounds really cool! (Yet gross, because I hate facial hair, but if it is for a good cause it doesn't matter!)

    Jazz xo


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