Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Make Up Storage!

The little poll I had going on the side of my blog is now finished and there was a tie between a make up storage post and a make up collection post so I figured I will do both. This week I am going to show you where I keep my make up and next Tuesday I will show you what's in it. Plan! 

So this is my little make up area. I got the little trolley thing from Ikea for £25! It's meant to be used in the kitchen but personally I think it works pretty well as a make up storage area. I also got the little fold up chair from Ikea too for about £9, which hangs nicely on the side of the trolley! I have to use a cushion as the chair is a bit low but I just tuck that underneath during the day. 

On the top I have:
A mirror, a pot of hair brushes, Urban Decay de slick spray, a clock because I am always running late, so I like to see how late I'm going to be whilst doing my make up! In the silver swirly pot I have my older make up brushes that I mostly use as travel ones. The pink pot in the back has my Sigma brushes in and the purple pot at the front has all of my "everyday" brushes in it.
On the side of the trolley there is a drawer. On one side of the drawer I have my everyday make up products, brush wipes, make up wipes and cleaning wipes to clean the top if I drop anything on it. In the other side I have some combs, hair clips, empty pots for foundation/primer and make up sponges.  

On the middle shelf I have my nail varnish collection in the white tray, also in that tray is some make up remover in the clear bottle which I use with the cotton pads in the pot to take the make up off my hand from stippling my foundation. In the back is a letter holder with my MUA pallets, ELF pallet and my Naked pallet. In the shiny silver pot I have some hair bands and bobby pins.

Finally, at the bottom I have two sets of plastic drawers which contains my make up collection!
I don't really want to go into too much detail as they will be shown properly next week. I got the pink 4 drawer from Morrisons for £5 and the silver 3 drawer from Tesco for £7 (yeah, work that one out. Tesco = rip off) 

Hope this post has helped anyone who was thinking about a way to store their make up! If you have any questions please let me know in the comments!


  1. Great post! I love that you do not have too much makeup. You have the proper ammount.

  2. Loving your blog,
    check out mine?

  3. Can't wait to see more of your collection! Love the silver trinket box, by the way, it's so pretty! :) xo

  4. Thank you, It belonged to my great grandma! X

  5. i love how you store your make up :) can you include brushes too? xx

  6. Rachael - Thanks, its about the only organised thing in my room!
    Emily - I shall include brushes!

  7. Great make up storage, so neat and tidy! Looking forward to a detailed peek inside ;)

  8. thank you for your comments on my blog! :) i can't believe it was only £25! it's great for makeup! x

  9. Those draws are so Cool.
    Love your Blog!


  10. this is a really good idea! whish i had a bigger room! xoxo

  11. thanks for your comments girls! X

  12. Wow love you trolly looks perfect for keeping everything organised and in one place might get something like this myself when me and the hubby to be move into our own place and have more space :)
    Great post! xx


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