Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

I just want to start of by saying me and Batiste have a serious love, hate relationship. I always tend to find one product that I absolutely adore  because it works so well but then there is always something that doesn't. This pair is no different. 
Now most girls own or have owned some dry shampoo for those days where your hair is looking a little greasy and needs that little pick me up. Batiste is a range that I normally reach for when I am in need of a new dry shampoo but this time, like all the others, I managed to pick up on version that I love and one version that I hate. 
Starting with the bad. When I first saw that Batiste had brought out another new version I was quite excited to try it out especially when it claims to give you 'Big and bouncy XXL volume.' I have honestly never been so disappointed in a product. I hate when your hair gets a bit greasy it is so lifeless so when I saw this I thought brilliant, this could be useful. The first, and only, time I used it my hair was anything but 'Big and bouncy' and there was not even a hint of 'XXL volume.' My hair looked and felt like straw! It was horrible. My hair looked worse with the use of this dry shampoo then it did before hand. I have pushed this product to the back of my hair products, never to be used again. 
Now every cloud has a silver lining and the dry shampoo with a hint of colour for 'Medium and Brunette' is that silver lining for batiste. Unlike the XXL volume version this on does not make my hair feel like straw! (Hooray!) I love the fact it has a hint of colour, especially as I have dark hair, because it doesn't leave that whiteness in your hair like a normal dry shampoo, it just completely blends in with a darker hair colour. Another thing is that if you spray on small parts of your hair at the roots and massage it in slightly it gives you some volume without even claiming to do it, Bonus! They also have a 'hint of colour' for blonde hair and for red/ginger hair too I believe so I recommend it to you all! 
If you have tried the Batiste range then let me know what you think in the comments 
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  1. These have never worked for me unfortunately! :(


  2. I have gone through two of XXL! I don't use it for everyday but if I'm going out or if my hair has just given up I use the tiniest amount just to oomph it up a bit <3

  3. I love Batiste, I wasn't the biggest fan of the XXL after getting through the bottle cause of how it matted my hair. Does give it volume, but not an everyday dry shampoo.


  4. Batiste is the only dry shampoo that works for me! Unfortunately I had to use about a third of the can every time I use it! My favourite is Boho :) xxx


  5. I love Batiste my favourite is blush and the blond tinted one :) Xx

  6. I had no idea that the XXL one was like that - i'll definitely be sticking to the one I usually get. I honestly don't know what i'd do without Bastiste, 'cause my hair gets greasy less than a day after I've washed it which is so annoying! x

  7. I love Batiste, mostly because of the smell! Recently switched to the Tresseme version though as it was on offer & that's pretty good too :)


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