Friday, 11 November 2011

Top Tips Part Three: Acne!

First off I must apologise for not getting this post up sooner! I started this little mini series a while back but a few other posts took priority over this final part of the series, so here it is..

If you're a teenager you've probably experienced some form, may it be mild or not, of acne! Personally, I got it bad, still have it a fair amount, not as bad however (see here for full story)
Here are my Top 5 tips for helping Acne prone skin
1. Everyone changes out products in their skincare routine at some point but if you change to something that seems to break you out, STOP using it! Don't assume your skin will "get used to it" sometimes it does but sometimes you are just making things worse
2. This one goes without saying really, Take your make up off EVERY night! Let your skin breathe at night.
3. Don't cake on your make up just to cover up the spots. Use some foundation and concealer to cover as much as you can then deal with it. If you cake it on you are just clogging up your pores!
4. If you aren't doing anything during the day, don't wear make up. Give your skin a break from being covered up. Trust me, even a day helps.
5. If your skin is really bad and you're finding that you are loosing confidence because of the way your skin looks then seek medical advice. Go to your doctor, trust me, they will be able to give you some medication to clear it right up!

Hope this helps those of you who need it 

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