Saturday, 5 November 2011

One step forward, Two steps back.

In September my parents were accepted as part of the adoption agency and had been given a place on the preparation course in November. A few weeks later they were sent a massive form that they needed to fill in. It included personal details, a chronological list of all the schools my parents went to, even when they were like 4, a chronological list of every address they had ever lived at and so much more. Some of the information they ask for makes you think “Why on earth do they need to know that!?” but if they do, you have to supply it. It must have been about 25 pages long, maybe more! It took about a week for my parents to complete the form and get it sent off. Everything was positively moving forward with that and conformation of a place on the preparation classes later on this month.
Unfortunately, The preparation classes were cancelled! It’s safe to all of us were completely gutted. It was cancelled because there wasn’t enough people to attend. Ridiculous. This week is National Adoption Week and the government are currently trying to work out a way to make the adoption process shorter. Cancelling preparation classes because there aren’t enough people to attend is no way of helping to make the process shorter. Who cares if the people taking the course aren’t getting paid as much for teaching a smaller class, if people are ready to take the course they should be allowed to. It’s not so much about parents being able to adopt, it’s about those thousands and thousands of children in care waiting for that loving family to give them a better life. We will now have to wait until late January early February for the next lot of preparation classes. I’m hoping that this Christmas will be our last Christmas as just me, my mum and dad. Maybe next year there will be four of us. Hopefully.


  1. Really sorry to hear this, I have seen all the adoption problems on the news lately and it really is silly. Less and less children are going to be adopted if there continues to be so much fuss, which is such a shame.

    My friends family adopted a little boy about a year and a half ago and it took them about a year and a half to actually adopt. A lot of the time was spent trying to find a child who looked like he would actually be a part of the family, he needed blonde hair and blue eyes, which I think is quite frankly ridiculous! Then they had to meet up with him for several months, then they eventually brought him home and have only just got his surname changed to theirs which is good :)

    Do you have a specific age your family want to adopt?

    Good luck for the rest of the adoption procedure :)

    Jazz xo

  2. My parents have said between 0 and 9 because its so difficult to get babies Xx

  3. See this is what I don't understand - the government going on about how they need to cut how long it takes to get kids adopted yet they make it so darn hard for people that would generally help a child have a brand new start. I know they have to be thorough and make sure they are the right people but all the paperwork seems ridiculous.

  4. I can't believe they cancelled the classes. Why would they make promises and try to make the process shorter but then cause grief and upset to the families that are prepared to adopt?
    Hope it's all good luck for you in the future!

  5. thanks for all the nice comments. It's frustrating because this month could have been the last big bit before panel but now we have to wait. Cancelling things is never good because other people may have a change of heart, bored with the waiting, and think 'sod it' which is just not right. Xx

  6. That's absolutely ridiculous. Sorry to hear that. And I totally agree with Rachael.

  7. I think it's great that your parents are looking into older children. It seems as though people always want the babies and the older ones go neglected. I wish your family luck.


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