Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chicago Haul

I was struggling a bit with blog ideas today so I thought I might show you what I picked up while I was in Chicago last month with my boyfriend. (picture heavy post)

Mine and Matt's purchases by the end of the week.

Before we left I ordered the 'Make Me Blush' Sigma brush set that I have wanted for forever which was at Matt's aunties house when we arrived.
Cost: £65

I went a bit mad in Bath and Body Works! (oops). I purchased three mini candles, 2x homemade cookies, 1x frosted cupcake, 2 4oz candles, 1x homemade cookies (can you tell its my favourite scent?) 1x hot chocolate. 10x hand sanitizers, 3x brownie, 7x cookie (best scents ever) sanitizer cover.
Cost: $36.98

In Sephora I think I spent a small fortune! I picked up some brush wipes, OPI quick dry spray, Clinique concealer, Clinique 3 step acne solutions. I got caught by the benefit 'One Prime Day' mini's whilst in the queue. I can get all the clinique stuff here but its so much cheaper in America! 
Cost: $80.50

From Forever 21 I found a new bag for college! I also got a cream cardigan and a woolly hat but I forgot to include them in the picture! (sorry) 
Cost for all three items: $60.10
From American Eagle I finally got some moccasins! I have wanted some for ages but never found any until then. Comfiest shoes ever! 
Cost: $34.50
My lovely boyfriend got me a pack of three sets of earrings and a beauty of a bracelet! I am unsure of the price of those. 

We went to Target! I got the new Seventeen magazine, A covergirl mascara and a Covergirl lipstain. Love them! 

Finally, The most comfortable things in the world. Victoria Secret Yoga Pants, legging style. I Love these! The little band at the top just adds a little something to the normal legging style. On the back it says 'LOVE PINK' I wish I had picked up another pair! 

If you wanted to know anything else or have any questions then please let me know! 


  1. Ahh love everything your bought!
    Can't wait to go back to america, so much better shopping there!


  2. Wow you did quite a bit of shopping!! Love everything you got!!

    xoxo Denise

  3. I love those flats! They look adorable. Plus bargain with those clinque stuff! Hope you enjoyed your hols x

  4. I've walked past a couple of America Eagle stores already and it looks really interesting - definitely going to have a pop in and we have a Forever 21 store so off back into one of them! You did right getting loads of beauty products - i've noticed how criminally cheap it is!

  5. I love everything you got! The moccasins look so comfy!

    Gabby :)

  6. i love everything on bath and body works, but they dont ship to england grrr and the bag and shoes are soooo nice;)

  7. Oh wow. I think I just found a shopping trigger haha. I love everything you got! Especially the Bath and Body works and Clinque stuff!

  8. love love love the shoes
    great blog by the way xxx

  9. Great purchases! I love every store you went into. And I love seventeen magazine lol. Victoria Secret Yoga pants are comfortable! I agree.

  10. Wow great purchases I used that Clinique 3 step system is really works for me :) nice bag! xx

  11. wow you got to go crazy, so jealous.x

  12. so jealous of the bath and body works stuff! right now i have a sort of obsession with buying candles and i wish we could get candles as nice as bath and body works candles :(


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