Saturday, 12 November 2011

Urban Decay Naked Pallet Dupes for £8!!

I know that everyone raves about how amazing the Naked Pallet is and I agree it is but not everyone can fork out the £35 it costs to own it. I'm sure I'm not the first person to talk about some dupes for it but I wanted to let you guys know how you can get the 12 Naked Pallet colours and some more for only £8! Yes, that's right, under a tenner! Here's how.. 
I'm sure you've all seen this pallet before:
I based my research on the company MUA: Make Up Academy, from superdrug, which offer a 12 colour pallet for only £4. I finally managed to get the Heaven and Earth Pallet by MUA after trying for months and as soon as I got it I was like "This is perfectttt!" so I teamed it with the Starry Night Pallet by MUA to create my dupes. You keen mathematicians may be thinking "but that's 24 colours!" Yes, it is but I shall show you which colours I used to create the Naked Pallet! 
Please excuse my trampy writing I wanted to get it finished before 11pm! So in the left hand column is all of the Naked Pallet shades and on the right the MUA pallet shades I used. You are probably looking at the MUA side like "What is shade 1,2,3 ectt" Fear not! Here are some useful, I hope, labelled pictures.. 
From the Heaven & Earth pallet I used shade 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,11,12. For the shade 'Hustle' I used a mixture of shade 5 from Heavent & Earth and shade 11 from Starry Night. 
I only used two colours from the Starry Night pallet which were shade 3 and shade 6. Obviously I only used a selection of the 2 pallets so for under £10 you get some seriously close dupes as well as around 14 other colours for you to use any other time! 
I hope you found this useful if you've been looking around for something similar. If you could move the colours around to have the 12 dupes in one pallet that would be even better! Please don't steal my pictures, I worked hard on this post for you girls.
While I was writing this post I saw the Coke advert, Christmas is officially here! Yaay! :)


  1. Those MUA palettes are gorgeous! I must get them haha.

  2. I love MUA - i have the stary night palatte and use it loads. I keep seeing coca cola lorries everywhere!

  3. Cool post, I've got the MUA Heaven and Earth palette and I recently swatched Half Baked at the Urban Decay counter in Debenhams - it was instant love! Urban Decay single eyeshadows are £13 so I'm thinking I should just save up and go for the whole palette because there's 12 almost full sized eyeshadows as well as a brush and mini primer potion. I wasn't aware of the MUA Starry Night palette though, might check it out soon!

  4. Hey hun, I have awarded you a blog award!!

  5. I know this comment isn't related to the post, but I love you! Thanks for commenting a lot on my blog:) haha. Also do you know if MUA is available in the USA?

  6. i love urban decay .. i have a set of 12 and use it almost every day!

  7. Great post, I had no idea the MUA palette was such a good dupe!

  8. I love the Urban Decay Naked pallet! I like your blog.

  9. Love the MUA and urban decay colours Xx

  10. i really love brown colours!
    these eyeshadows should be amazing for a winter look!


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