Friday, 18 November 2011

Haul - Shopping with my Mumma!

On Monday I went to the local shopping centre with my mum to do some Christmas and winter clothes shopping. We both decided that we were bored of ignoring the same old clothes and chucked them out ready to be replaced. I did actually buy a fair bit but the majority of it was Christmas presents so I can't really post pictures of them because the people may see them (sorry Matt! haha). 
Here are the the non clothing items that I picked up on Monday: 

In WHSmith I got a pink polka dot folder for my assignment work. £1.99
A pretty purple letter holder for my eyeshadow pallets. £2.49
A pretty purple pen holder for a few of my brushes. £1.99 
The only reason I bought the letter holder and pot was because they matched and were on sale!
In superdrug they are having a 3 for 2 on all Christmas gifts so I chose two gifts for friends and then spotted some 'The Only Way Is Essex' products so just for fun (and because it was free) I picked up the pack of three lipglosses, they aren't bad colours but I haven't actually tired them out yet. I also got the Kleenex facial cloths which are sooo soft! they were £1.99. I found the cheapest make up remover I could, it was 96p for those odd times that I need it. 

Clothing Items:
Despite being on a mission to buy at least a wardrobes full of new clothes I only actually got three items and they were all from debenhams.
The first is a Henry Holland sheer short sleeved blouse £25.00 
From the redherring section I found a sheer cream and black lace blouse with quarter length sleeves. I have wanted one of those tops for a very long time so I was happy to finally get it! £27
Of course with the winter weather you always need some chunky knits so that was top on the list. I got a long cream cardigan which was £32

On another note:
Does anyone remember having these when you were younger? My mum had bought a couple as stocking fillers for our friends children and I may or may not have stolen the Disney Princess from 'Tangled' (Repunzel) from her and a pack of sweets, meaning she had to go out and buy another set. I couldn't help myself, the sweets are so yummy and 'Tangled' is my new favourite Disney film.

Are you ready for Christmas? 


  1. Love the letter and pen holder!
    The sheer cream top is lovely too! :)


  2. Love the idea of using the letter holder for your eyeshade palettes :)
    Nice clothes
    I LOVE PEZ! Xx

  3. PEZ!! I used to love those little sweets when I was little :) x

  4. Love the cream shirt with black lace! And pen holder are the best for brushes :)

  5. O the palatte holder idea for your palattes sounds interesting! I use an old coke glass for my brushes and pencils. I ended up buying an ELF Christmas gift set for myself yesterday - ended up being the cheaper way of buying nail varnishes hehe pressie to myself1

  6. Love the little lacy top! I was going to buy something similar to that but unfortunately mother did not approve >__<

  7. when i was a child i loved pez so much!

  8. Great Post!
    I've got the pen holder, I use it to store my brushes aswell and the matching tray to keep of by bottles and spray


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