Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Clinique Free Gift (with purchase)

I got an e-mail last week from Debenhams as part of the beauty club informing me of the clinique offer running at the moment. When you purchase two items from the clinique counter, one must be a skincare product, you get a free gift. I must say this is one of the best free gift packages I've had from Debenhams. Before I show you I'd like to point out that this offer is exclusive to Debenhams I believe, I checked Boots and House of Fraser and neither were offering the gift. 
I went in today and picked up a clarifying lotion as I was out as well as a blusher brush which is sooo soft! Then I got this: 
So if you buy two items you get all of this, for FREE! In the make up bag you get an eyeshadow quad, facial soap, lip smoothie, mini dramatic lash mascara, all about eyes dark circle cream and an anti-ageing cream. Personally I think that's pretty awesome for a free gift! This offer ends on the 29th October (I believe) so if you are liking what you see get yourself down to your local debenhams clinique counter and bag you free gift. 
I am not affiliated with debenhams or clinique, I just saw this offer and wanted to share it with you all! 
Let me know what you think of the gifts! 



  1. Hey Char let me know how Chicago goes, i miss it very much! I hope you have fun..there is so much to do there! Take lots of pics! P.s. I love getting free gifts with purchases, great post!

  2. I love the look of this! Might pop in and get some back ups to get this :') <3

  3. well if you want - the willis tower now has balconies on the skydeck (the willis tower is the sears tower, they just changed the name). so they have these balconies built way up there and it feels like you are stepping out into the city! google it. also there is a giant bean in millenium park, always neat to look at. they just built a huge marilyn monroe statue on michigan ave where all the shopping is. I would go check that out. There's a lot of shopping on michigan ave which they call the magnificent mile. Water tower is cool to shop at. Food wise..some popular restaurants are the hard rock cafe or cheesecake factory, those are just the basics. Oh and and Navy Pier, go check that out. :) I can name so much!


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