Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Make The Most of Your Make Up!

Don't you hate it when you squeeze those make up products in the tubes but nothing comes out? Another product empty, binned and off you head to the shops to buy yourself some more. Well stop! They probably aren't as empty as you think. I have discovered a way of getting more than you think out of those squeezable products and I am going to share it with you!
You Will Need:
-Your squeezable tube
- Scissors
- Small pot
- Something to scrape (knife, maybe?)
I used this trick on my Rimmel London primer. All I did was cut it in half and scrapped out  all the product on the insides into a little pot. The pot and scraper thing I got was from a little travel set but I know you can buy the pots separately in Tesco, Superdrug and Boots I believe.
I was so surprised by the huge amount of primer around the edges of the tube which would never come out when it was squeezed! Imagine just throwing that away? Seems like such a waste when you see how much is actually there. Madness! 
As you can see there is near enough a full pot there of primer that I have managed to scrape from the sides of the tube. That will last even longer then I thought and (if I hadn't already purchased another tube) save some money! You could do the same with a concealer or foundation or any product in a tube you can cut to make all your make up last that little bit longer then you had previously thought!

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  1. wow, it was actually quite shocking the ammount of primer there was in there. just thinking about the products that i threw away thinking they were empty.
    great post.

  2. good idea!xxxx

  3. great tip! Thanks for sharing, the amount of product I probably waste is a bit sickening


  4. i do this to! You get so much more from it :) xx

  5. thanks for the fantastic tip, lovely! hard to believe how much was still left in there!

    xo Samantha Grace

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