Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Mallzee - Your Personal Online Mall!

received an email nearly, a year ago now, from the lovely Cally at Mallzee to tell me about the brand new website that was due to launch this year. A couple of weeks ago Cally emailed me again to tell me they were now Live! Since then I have been addicted.

Mallzee is basically your own tailor made mall on the internet, combining your own personal style with your favourite stores. Before you get to visit your personal mall Mallzee supplies you with a selection of outfit pictures and a like and dislike button for you to tell them what your personal style is like, next you are given a list of stores, online and on the high street, for you to select the ones that you like to shop at. Analysis complete its onto your mall! The mall itself actually really surprised me as mine was really accurate to the styles I would normally go for. Each store is individually categorized or you can search for 'tops' 'dresses' ect.. All items contain a price and 'buy me' option. Another feature I like on Mallzee is the 'add to wardrobe' button. This allows you to save items for later purchases, like when pay day is too far away and your money is somewhat dwindling, and it also allows your friends to check it out and tell you their opinions, if you want them. Connecting to Mallzee via facebook gives you the opportunity to chat with your friends about anything you want, comparing outfits or boys. Mallzee offer a points scheme in the form of Mallzee dollars, every time you shop you earn dollars towards future purchases, they pay you to shop!

Despite being a skeptic when it comes to websites like these, Mallzee has really impressed me and I will definitely be using this when I'm shopping in the future!
What are you waiting for, get over to Mallzee.com for some VIP treatment, discounts and your own tailor made shopping experience!

I am not affiliated with Mallzee, all opinions are my own, I am not being compensated.

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  1. This sounds super cool, will definitely be checking it out!



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