Monday, 24 June 2013

Where Have I Been!?

I feel like I haven't stopped over the last few weeks yet I can't really piece together what has been going on. One things for sure is that I have been massively neglecting my poor little blog! 
Me and Josh celebrated our first year together at the beginning of the month the best way that we could by doing all our favourite things! We went to our favourite american diner, Buddies, played pirate mini golf and had a yummy dinner at TGI's, I was completely spoilt with a new camera which I am so in love with and still trying to get to grips with all of its amazing features. We've also been on a lot of mini adventures to various places, one of my favourites was our trip to Winpole Hall to visit the farm and piggery they have there, I love pigs, we even got to see lots of little piglets which were so adorable! 

I'm coming to the end of my college course so I have been working my little butt off trying to get all my final assignments complete and handed in as soon as possible so I can get signed off and start enjoying my summer. With summer comes holidays and I am frantically preparing for mine to Mexico in a few weeks time. I have started writing lists and dedicated a drawer under my bed to start storing my holiday clothes in so they are ready to be bunged in my suitcase the night before. 
I am currently working on a little project of my own as part of my future career and business so I've dedicated a lot of time to planning and researching anything and everything related to running and owning a business as well as the essentials I need for the job. Its a lot of hard work but hopefully it will pay off soon!

On Friday through to Saturday evening myself and Josh took part in a charity challenge for work. We signed up for the Bike24 challenge which involved teams from every Marks & Spencer store in the country coming together to complete a 24 hour bike ride around rockingham race track. We had a team of four and did hour shifts in a four hour rotation cycling for a total of 6 hours throughout the 24 hour period. That may not seem that hard but trust me, when its windy, raining and you are running on less that two hours sleep it really takes its tole. I cycled a total of 89km over the 24 hours and we raised over £850,000 for multiple cancer charities. I am still recovering today! 

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  1. Awww congrats in you and Josh having been together for a year! T.G.I Fridays do good food! I love going on little adventures and taking my camera with me, get some awesome shots. Hope you have fun in Mexico, such a lovely place!


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