Monday, 15 June 2015

DIY At Home Weights

Going to the gym can be an expensive, crowded and slightly daunting experience for some people so creating a gym in the comfort of your own home sounds like a better idea. With countless fitness DVDs on the shelves in pretty much every shop you go in to the tools of a home gym are easily found and relatively in expensive. 
However, the actual physical equipment is a little more pricey hence why I am here with a little helping hand. I made these super easy at home weights using two hugely inexpensive things. 
A water bottle and rice. 
Most people drink water and most people have rice at home and even if you don't you can buy a 1kg bag in the supermarket for about 40p. 
To create them all you need to do is get a selection of different size water bottles, I'd suggest two of each size (drink the contents first) and pour the rice in, filling the bottle to the top, you could use a funnel for that or just a small cut in the bag. Screw the top back on and there you have it. 
Now, get pumping them guns! 
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