Saturday, 14 July 2012

Featured Blogger - Angie!

Angie is 26 and has been blogging for a year over at Sexy At Midnight which happens to be one of my favourite blogs full of some seriously well written posts!

THE BLOG: Sexyatmidnight was born one fateful evening when I decided that I wanted to learn more about beauty.  It epitomises femininity and beauty at all hours of the day, which is why it has the name it has.  My blog reviews beauty products, how-to's, general musings, baking and much more.  And I'm glad to anounce OOTD and NOTD posts that will be added soon too.  I also discuss travelling and where I'd like to go.  So please have a look and join me on my travels.

THE BLOGGER: I'm a 20-something South African that moved to the United Kingdom and fell in love with the fashion and beauty here.  I live with my lovely husband (whom I recently married) and work as a scientist.  I'm very girly and would call myself a little magpie, liking anything glittery, pretty or feminine.  My fashion sense is always evolving with a love for classic shapes and glamorous frocks.  I love silks, leather, crystal and much more.  I'm hoping to create my own beauty line very soon and am rigorously working to develop my own brand. 

1. I love to travel, I'd literally do it every single day if I could as a hobby. 
2. I only learnt how to drive about 3 years ago, and now drive constantly.
3. I'm obsessed with nail polish and have a pretty decent collection.  My favourite colour in nail polish is turquoise.

Thanks for taking part Angie! 
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  1. Oh so excited to see this on here! Thank you so much for featuring my blog on yours! :D So happy.

  2. Nice blog Angie! Xx


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