Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Pre Holiday Outfit Planning!

I hope I'm not alone in saying that I am a serial over packer when it comes to holiday's, I mean who doesn't need 10 pairs of shorts, 8 tops, 3 skirts, 4 dresses and 7 pairs of shoes for a week long holiday!? Apparently this year, that would be me who doesn't need all that. Shame.. I'm flying out to Malta next Monday morning and as we are flying on a budget airline we have to pay for baggage so the less we take the better, because of this I have decided to pre plan my outfits so I only take things I'm actually going to wear and know that everything will go together instead of having a suitcase full of random pieces that don't really go. Smart Char! 
I started out with a massive pile of my 'summer' clothes. Basically a pile of tops and bottoms that can be put together to create some outfits worthy of wearing during the day and in the evening whilst I am away.

Next I separated the pile into piles of tops, bottoms, bikini's and things that could be worn alone.  From there I chose a skirt or pair of shorts then matched it up to something from the top's pile that it goes well with. Once I had created an outfit, added any outerwear and chosen a pair of shoes to go with it I put it together, photographed it on my Ipad then folded it all up together. I started with the evening outfits because I find they are easier to create then from what was left I chose some day time outfits. 
A few examples of what I will wearing during the day and in the evenings. Each outfit is photographed on my Ipad, I'm taking it with me, so that way I know what I put together whilst I'm away.
I hope this kind of helps anyone who has the same packing problems as me!
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  1. Great post! I just got back from a 3 week long holiday and I DEFINITELY overpacked. I literally didn't wear half of the stuff I brought, I spent most of my time in a bathing suit! I hope you have a great trip- you'll definitely look stylish with these great outfits!

  2. Sounds like a plan :) I love your pink sandals!

    Lea x

  3. good idea! I've been to malta befvore it's lovely:) have a great holiday! xx

  4. I try and make up outfits when it comes to packing but then I always end up living in either the same dress or the same pair of jeans for the whole holiday!

  5. This post is being bookmarked for when I have to pack!

  6. have a great time on holiday. some really cute outfits here (: x

  7. I pack the same way! I even pack the items together so I don't forget (I seriously want an iPad. it can be used for anything!!!)
    I love the last outfit- it's absolutely gorgeous

  8. I love this post, that's such a good idea. I don't go on holiday until September but I've been getting bits and pieces and I told myself I'd take only a weeks worth of clothes and have like three weeks haha. Have a great time hun :)


  9. You have some really nice outfits planned out! I need to do this otherwise I will end up taking half my wardrobe! xx


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