Friday, 11 April 2014

Foodie Friday: Oat Pancakes

What You Need: 
2 Egg Whites
50g ground oats
1 Heaped teaspoon of flaxseed
Almond milk 
Sprinkle of Sweetener 
Fruit to top

Prepare all your ingredients, e.g. weighing the oats and separating the egg whites.
Grind up the oats and flaxseed in a food processor until powdery.
Combine the eggs, oats, flaxseed and sprinkle of sweetener into mixing bowl and whisk
Add a small amount of almond milk to make the mixture more runny.
Place a lightly oiled pan onto a low heat (I used sunflower spray, coconut oil is a good alternative) 
Add a small amount of the mixture to the pan
When the top of the pancake starts to bubble, flip it over and cook both sides until slightly golden.
Once cooked, add a topping of your choice, I always choose pineapple cause I'm a little bit obsessed.  

So there we have some nice and simple, no flour, healthy pancakes! This mixture normally makes two large or three smaller pancakes but obviously it varies depending on how many eggs/ how much almond milk & oats are used. I seriously love these for breakfast as I'm not a fan of the typical plain eggs.. If I had time to make these every morning I definitely would. If you try them, let me know what you thought! 

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  1. Oh, yummy! So making these! x

  2. I lovveee healthy pancakes, but I usually go for 2 eggs and a banana mashed together & cooked, just because it's hard to buy oat flour when I'm at uni. Will definitely try these when I get my hands on some, though, the texture looks great! xx

  3. Thank you for sharing the recipe - will definitely try it! x

  4. I love pancakes! Especially with ice-creme nom nom nom! xx

  5. Great, great post! Have a lovely day ;D


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