Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Primark Gym Clothing Haul

Sports Bras - £4 Each / 3pk Socks - £2 Each / Jacket - £12 / Running Shorts - £4 / Yoga Shorts - £4

Gym clothes can be so expensive when all you are essentially doing is throwing it on for an hour or so, sweating in it and paying for a logo. Primark is fast becoming my go to place for gym clothes. My local one has a pretty decent range that I'm pretty much tempted to buy the whole collection, naughty! 

Find me here: 


  1. I bought some gym wear from there the other day! I got a sports bra, some vest tops and some running trousers! I love them! x

  2. Looking for a good Primark haul! The socks are so cute!



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