Thursday, 10 April 2014

My Nighttime Skincare Routine

Not too long ago I posted my morning skincare routine so now I have decided to follow it up with what I do at night. Both routines are very similar but I literally just substitute one product. 
I start off with the Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Gel to remove the dirt from the day and rinse it off with warm water. Next I apply a small amount of the Boots Tea tree & Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel all over my face. This helps to calm my skin and reduce any redness from pigmentation or spots. Finally I slather on my EOS Lipbalm to keep my lips moisturised while I sleep. 

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  1. I keep meaning to try those EOS lip balms since they have been stocked in UK stores, just haven't got round to it!

    Those Boots cleansing products look very refreshing! :)

    Laura x

  2. Your skin care products look pretty good! Love the lip balm ;) x

  3. I really want to try that lip balm!

  4. Thanks a lot for ur comment.
    I so wanna try the eos balm *.*


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