Monday, 23 March 2015

Kayla Update: Week 4

The weeks seem to be flying by already, being that I'm now a third of the way through the challenge! Unfortunately the pesky foot injury is still on-going with no indication of what it could be but hey, I'm pushing through it!
I'm happy to say that I totally KILLED my workouts this week which has left me feeling so very pumped up and excited to keep on pushing through the following weeks, yes! Weirdly, I am finding that my outfit choices are helping a lot with the motivation.. I'm opting for more shorts and sports crop tops than usual lounging clothing so I feel much more in the mood to get my workout on. 
The good thing is that I am starting to see improvements in my legs (thank you Kayla!) however not so much in the stomach/ love handle area as those are the areas where chub tends to stick around longer, despite my boyfriend saying he can see a difference, I am personally struggling to see it myself. 
In terms of food I have been loving snacking on apples and almonds, grapes and also egg crispbreads, delicious! Quinoa has been purchased and I made my first batch with the introduction of a chicken stock cube to see if that improves on the blandness of it.
Don't forget you can watch my previous updates over on my channel, handily linked below, feel free to subscribe whilst you're there!
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