Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My Birthday Wishlist


My birthday is fast approaching with only two and a half weeks to go until I rack up another year and hit 22! For those that know me know that I LOVE Taylor Swift & if you know Taylor Swift you know turning 22 is a big deal. I am already anticipating listening to '22' all day long and getting all the feels of actually turning that age, birthday's are exciting, right?
So with that in mind I felt it was only right to get myself into the birthday mood by putting together my wishlist. 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara - I got a little tester of this in my Birchbox last month and I absolutely LOVE it. I will probably have gone through the tester in no time so I am definitely on the market for a full size tube of that beauty. Benefit is the queen of mascaras. 

New Trainers - I am basically ready to be living in gym shorts and trainers all summer long and I have been keeping a sneaky eye out for a new pair. Nike have got some beautiful styles and patterns out right now, like these beauties, so they are catching my attention the most. 

Wrestling Tickets - I have become super into wrestling lately after being inducted into the wrestlmania watching party with Josh and his cousins and also Total Divas on E! so I'd really like to actually go to an event and watch it for myself. Is that weird? Probably but I don't care. 

Gift Cards - I love shopping and I love it even more when gift cards are involved because it makes me feel like I've had a bargain filled shop and that my bank account hasn't had too much of a bashing. My favourites are places like Costa (its a regular stop for myself & Josh) Debenhams & Boots for the usual beauty related purchases. Clothes shops are a good shout too, Primark, River Island etc.. 

Money - Everybody loves money. Its an easy option for birthdays when you don't know what to get someone. I, personally, find it the most useful as we are currently saving up for a house so any little addition to the funds are greatly appreciated, its hard work!

Keep looking out for posts on my birthday & what I got coming soon! 
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