Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Remember Me?

Remember me?
Yes, I am back and I promise I mean it this time! I did leave you for the wild world of YouTube and, although I haven't left YouTube, I am back to spending some quality time with my little blog. So, I guess I should tell you what the deal is..
I launched my YouTube channel back in April of 2014 and I absolutely love it and I am so so glad that I did it. I only worked part time up until a few weeks ago so the whole filming, editing and uploading thing was easy as I head plenty of time for it. Now, about a month ago I was given a full time job (!! Does that make me an adult now?) doing Visual Merchandising at the store I work in and I couldn't be happier! With full time hours comes less free time so it has become hard for me to film, mostly because I film at my Dads house which isn't where I live so I have to travel a bit, & edit to the best of my ability because that's not a quick task.

Blogging has always been something I enjoy and its also not as time consuming or restrictive as filming, I can do it when everyone is home without feeling a tad awkward and I can sit in my pyjamas without a scrap of makeup on which is easier too. I have spent a bit of time trying to figure out how I am going to run things between blogging and YouTube, as I already have set days for things on my channel so I'd like to keep some kind of consistency between the two but I am not super strict on it so we'll see how it works..

Starting next week, on my blog you will find...

Monday is going to be my Kayla Update day. I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide around 5 weeks ago and thought it would be a good idea to keep you all updated on my progress and see my results after the 12 weeks are up. You can catch up on the first few weeks over on my channel however they will be moving over here on  a permanent basis. 

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are my Miscellaneous days so expect to see anything from beauty, fashion or just a general chit-chat, ramble or something important on those days.. 

Wednesday is shadowing my channel and will be set aside for my Lush Loves reviews. I am completely and utterly in love & obsessed with Lush and have a tonne of things reviewed and to review for you all due to my constant spending in that place!

Friday is also running along side my channel with any Fit Friday posts. Here you will find my favourite workouts, my obsession with cute workout clothes and some yummy treats too! 

Lastly, we have Sunday... I'm keeping it chilled on a Sunday. I will be reflecting on my week and keeping you in the loop for anything you may have missed on my Channel or perhaps even on the blog. 

The reason why I like to set things out is so I can keep on top of it all and also for you. If there is something you are particularly interested in you will now know when to find it and when to look forward to it. 
Fear not if you are a subscriber to my channel, I will aim to get at least one or two videos up on my channel as well as Vlogging a lot more! If you aren't already subscribed then WHY!? Get on over there and see what I've been chatting about over the last few months! Watch & Subscribe Here!
I hope you are looking forward to seeing me around a bit more on this little blog.

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