Saturday, 12 January 2013

Kate Moss by Rimmel - Shade 101!

(Excuse the braces showing)
I included this lipstick in my best of 2012 beauty favourites and a lot of you seemed to love it and want some more information and swatches so I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to it. Like I said in the favourites post it is the most perfect pale pink lipstick to create a natural look. It has a matte texture which applies smoothly and glides over any cracks in the lips instead of highlighting them. I did think that it would dry my lips out a little but with a bit of gloss over the top it works perfectly to prevent that happening. If I wore make up everyday I would definitely make this lipstick my staple colour choice. One thing I'm not a massive fan of is the smell, I can't really explain what it smells like.. Sort of sweet but not a nice sweet more of a play-dough kind of sweet. At £5.49 these are a little more expensive than the normal Rimmel London lipstick line but you get what you pay for with the better quality of the Kate lipsticks. I hope those of you that were interested in the lipstick rush off to your local superdrug or boots and snap it up! 


  1. I love the Kate Moss Rimmel range. I haven't tried this shade before, but it looks perfect for everyday wear. Great review :) x

  2. Love that colour!

  3. Wow, thats a really lovely colour :) Might have to have a look at the newer Kate Moss lipsticks I never really got round to it :(

  4. Ooo I've wanted one of these lippys for a while now, not actually tested any yet and not quite sure what colour I'm after at the moment, but love this shade! Will have to go and check them out xxx


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