Saturday, 19 January 2013

They're Real, Honest!

I recieved Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara for Christmas from my dad after putting it on my Christmas list, thanks to you lovely bloggers and your fabulous reviews of it. After reading so many positive posts on the mascara I was tempted into trying it out for myself. 
To say I love this product is a massive understatement... 'They're Real' blows all of my other favourite mascaras out of the water and sends them flying a million miles away. One coat of the mascara (seen in the picture on the left) gives my lashes a decent amount of length which really helps to open up my eyes and make me look more awake. The 'fake lash' effect is present in the lashes without making you look like your lashes are so heavy you can't open your eyes, personally that is a look I like to steer clear of. Another thing I love about this mascara is the brush, it has my favourite kind of bristles. The plastic-y, microfibre type bristles help to separate the lashes as you apply plus it has a small ball of bristles on the tip to allow you to get right into the corners without ending up with smudges anywhere unwanted. On those occasions that you forget to take your make up off, don't deny it you all do it sometimes, you can wake up in the morning without panda eyes and with your lashes looking as perfect as they did the night before. 
At £18.50 this may seem a little steep but for a mascara that promises not to smudge, dry out and last a super long time it seems so worth it! Once mine runs out I will be repurchasing immediately


  1. I got this mascara too! I love it and how it really makes my eyes go pop! My only niggle about it is I struggle to get it off! I always end up with panda eyes the next morning! Any tips!

    Great blog!

    Megs x

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    1. I tend to just hold a make up wipe over my eye for a little bit then gently rub over it, takes a bit of getting off though! x

  2. this is such a great post! :)

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  3. Wow, your eyelashes look fab!! I now need to try this :).

    Sadie xx

  4. Cool blog. I really enjoyed looking through it. Come by mine and if you like it let's follow each other:)! Would love to stay in touch ;)


  5. They're Real is one of my all time favourite mascara's too! I also love Benefit's Bad gal lash mascara! Xx


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