Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Best of 2012: Beauty!

1. Favourite FACE product
My favourite and most used face product of 2012 has got ot be Urban Decay's De Slick. It is the perfect way to set and secure your full face of make up all day whilst keeping that horrible oil patch at bay! Plus it lasts FOREVER. I am only just on my second bottle.
2. Favourite CHEEK product
The 'Peaches & Cream' blush by Vivo has been featured in many a blog post over this year. It is the most perfect peachy pink shade for my skin tone. For only £4 from Tesco it is amazing. Go buy it and make it your 2013 favourite! (I realise the picure is numbered wrong, damnit!) 
3. Favourite EYE product
So Naked or Naked 2 are probably going to be everyone's favourite eye product this year. I am a massive fan of the neutral brown eye look so Naked 2 is literally so perfect for me. You can create so many different looks with all the combinations of shades in the pallet. 4. Favourite LIP product
I cheated and picked two. Firstly is the EOS lip balm in passion fruit. I love how super moisturising this balm is, one use keeps your lips smooth for a good few days after, plus it smells yummy! The second pick is a Kate Moss by Rimmel London lipstick. Its the most perfect pale pink lipstick shade that creates a lovely natural lip. 

5. Favourite SKINCARE product
I suffer from acne so products containing tea tree and witch hazel are perfect so of course when I found the boots tea tree and witch hazel products in boots I snapped them up. I have loved how they have cleared my skin nicely. The night treatment gel is my favourite of the line. When I put this on I feel like I've got a little protective film over my skin all night.
6. Favourite HAIR product
Garnier's bamboo flexihold hairspray is the best hairspray I've ever used. It brushes straight out and leaves your hair in the same condition it was in before you sprayed it, none of that dodgy hairspray residue!
7. Favourite BODY product or PERFUME
My ever so lovely boyfriend bought me this PINK with a splash body spray in 'Sweet and Flirty' and I absolutely adore it. I wore it pretty much every single day since I got it. I can already tell you that my favourite perfume of 2013 is going to be Victoria's Secret's 'Angel' it is so nice! 
8. Favourite NAIL product/polish
I forgot to picture this but its Models Own 'Ibiza Mix' featured here. Its sparkly, I love sparkle.


  1. What shade is that kate lipstick in??:)

    1. its in shade 101. completely forgot to mention that! x

  2. Ooo I got the Naked 2 palette for xmas and I love it so so much! I thought I wouldn't use some shades but I've used all of them already!

  3. What shade of lipstick is that kate moss lipstick in?


  4. Nice picks! I love both Naked 1 and 2.

  5. the lipstick color is soooo cool!
    x the cookies

  6. That Kate Moss lipstick looks gorgeous!! Can you do a swatch? Love the blog!


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