Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Best of 2012: Fashion!

1. Favourite Clothing Piece.
Something I have been wearing more often then not this year has to be Victoria's Secret PINK yoga pants in legging form. They are the most amazingly comfortable and highly flattering leggings I have ever owned. I love my boyfriend for purchasing both of the pairs I own! You the best! 
2. Favourite Accessory.
I know this should probably be like a bag or jewellery but I am picking my Iphone 4s. After getting it from Josh for a highly discounted girlfriend price. It is honestly the most useful phone in the world for keeping track of blogs, emails, social networks and instagram of course! Plus I can talk to Josh for free with Imessage.
3. Favourite Shoes.
I wore these Lita's to absolute death when I got them for my Birthday. For a healed shoe they are so comfortable! I know I'm not the only blogger that liked these, I'm pretty sure everyone loves these shoes. 


  1. I love love love those Victoria Secret yoga pants! So cute! <3

  2. Amazing shoes! The platforms make the high heels so much easier to wear and walk in.

  3. My iPhone 5 would be my favourite accessorie too!!! :D
    LaceyLoves x

  4. Amazing post!, i love the shoes !!

  5. Nice pics! I love Pink's boyfriend pants. Heaven in pant form!

  6. I love those VS yoga pants, maybe I'll grab myself a pair this year :D

    Lucy x

  7. love the litas! :) xx

  8. So jealous that you have yoga pants. They're all I want from life. Ahaha.



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