Friday, 19 July 2013

Holiday Guest Blogger: Sylvia


Hello fellow bloggers! My name is Sylvia of 'Sylvie-ah'and I'm here while Char is away (lucky!)
I thought I would tell you about Benefit as I recently had my makeup done there for prom(!)

For just £10 i was given a full face make over and i found their service to be wonderful. The beauty artist i has was so lovely and friendly, and i loved that she told me what she was doing even though i was in control of what she was doing. 
I found that their products to be amazing quality and they lasted for so long! I had my make up done at 1 and it was still intact at half four the next morning! 
I have a few of their products at home but not for a whole face.
                           I was lucky enough to win a competition to win the majority of these products!

                                                           This is, without a doubt the best product they have by far!

They started off cleansing my face and then used moisturiser and primer. Then from there there were so many options! 
I went for a basic look but for any event or evening or whatever, the Benefit service is a wonderful and affordable choice! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was very different to what I normally do but I was in a prommy mood! 
Make sure to check out my blog for other prom posts! and if you're not already, follow this blog! 

Have a lovely day!
Sylvia, xx

* Thank You to the ever so lovely Sylvia! Everyone needs to go and check out her blog because its such a good read. She's just fabulous in general! 

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