Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sunday Summary [001] - Be Kind To Me..

I feel like I've been back on my blog for mere seconds and I've already hit a wall. I have no motivation, no ideas and I may even go as far to say I have no interest (Sigh..) 
I've come to the realisation that its all down to P R E S S U R E. 
I thought having a schedule within my blog and YouTube would help me now that I'm working full time but I think inevitably its made it worse, I always feel guilty when I miss a day, a post, an upload and it sucks. I've had another week away from both my channel and my blog and I've come to the realisation that I need to stop piling the pressure on and be kind to me. I want to be able to start fitting in workouts after I finish work and I want to come home and enjoy filming, editing and uploading videos or just lounging on the bed, typing away for a blog post. I have to keep reminding myself its a hobby, something I do for fun and I need to keep it just that.. Fun. 
So for now the schedules are out the window in regards to what I upload or post on specific days. I'll talk about whatever I want, whenever I want to and that is that! The only minor restriction (can you really call it that?) is that I will upload new videos every Tuesday & Friday at 5pm but I'll be blogging whenever the hell I wanna! 
Lets try and turn this around, I want to start loving my blog and channel again! 

On a lighter note..
Happy Easter Everyone, I hope you are all stuffed full from eating chocolate eggs for breakfast, lunch and inevitably dinner! I haven't started mine yet, however, Alfie Bunny (chocolate not animal) is staring at me from the bottom of the bed and I'm ready to eat him! I also hope you have enjoyed a lovely four day weekend, unless like me you work in retail or other such areas that mean you have worked three out of the four days of the weekend (I'm not mad..really) 
Today has been real lazy just to make up for that. We've been in bed playing Lego Batman 3, only dragging ourselves out for a family dog walk this afternoon, then it was into a yummy Easter Lush bath and back to PS4. 
I'm needed to help save gotham now so I'll see you on my channel on Tuesday and my blog Wedneday with a new Lush Loves post! 
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