Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Most Ridiculous Day...

Waking up on Saturday 25th April I would never have known what a mad and emotional day I was heading in to.
Here I was, innocently eating lunch at my mums house near Northampton when I checked my emails and came across one from Barratts informing me that the two house plots we had been impatiently waiting for for the past month or so had finally been released for sale. Crap. Josh is at work, I'm half an hour away and there was no chance they'd take a deposit over the phone! My mum was practically leaping out the door encouraging us to go to the sales office and we left almost immediately. I was trying so hard to get in contact with Josh on the way there, I wanted to check with him which plot he'd prefer and just let him know I was going. No luck. It was only when I was around 10 minutes away that his friend from work called me to let me know the details, phew!
Once we arrived at the sales office and I was told that our preferable plot was available I had to wait for another client to finish his qualifying call before I could start. The sales office is small and the only thing separating the office from the waiting area was a small glass wall, I could hear every word of the call, he told them the house price and style, it was the house we wanted! I was devastated. Once his call ended and the sales lady went back into the office the man left, he had some calls to make and thinking to do. He just left. I practically ran into the office and despite being full of nerves (this call was a yes or no) I began the qualifying.  Throughout the call people kept coming in and asking about the specific plot I was trying so hard to secure. I also found out that had rang 45 people about the plots but neither me or Josh got the call..
We passed!! I've never given someone my bank card so fast. 
I can honestly say that I have never believed in fate more in my life, so many things had to have happened for us to get that house...
- It had to be my day off from work so I could go to the sales office
- I had to have checked my emails as we got no phone call
- I had to have got there when I did as so many people came in right after me. We went in my mums car which was faster than mine, if we had gone in mine we probably would've missed out.
- The guy before me had to fail his qualification
I am so pleased that we are now the proud owners of our first home! Now all we have to do is wait until October for it to be built! You can expect to see lots of home related posts, videos and of course vlogs along the way! SO EXCITED!!!
For now though, I will leave you this little image of what our home will look like and I shall keep you updated on the growth of it over the next 5(ish) months!
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