Saturday, 16 May 2015

Rise and Shine

Now I may be seriously looking forward to getting my booty back into an actual gym on Monday morning but part of me is going to miss these outdoor early morning workouts. There is something about waking up as the sun is rising and walking a few hundred yards up the road to escape the concrete streets, finding yourself in a mass of peaceful woods and vast fields. Its especially nice when its a little bit misty out, everything just looks so pretty. 
Myself and Josh have been going out most mornings for the past week or so just to get our bodies prepared for the return to the gym, neither of us are in the condition we used to be so it is needed, a bit. I'm talking like, I used to be able to squat with my body weight on the bar.. Now.. I can just about manage a fraction of that!! 
A run, jog or even a fast walk have been accompanied by a full body circuit in the garden and I'm already starting to feel better in myself. 
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