Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My Favourite Things - April 2015

I haven't made too many new discoveries this past month but hey, the bank balance needs a break sometimes, right?
Roller Lash by Benefit has become something of a cult product around the beauty community and I can see why! I love this mascara, especially the brush. It has the perfect shape to create the ideal curl in the lashes, that paired with the plastic bristles makes this a favourite in my eyes too. 
Benefit's Big Easy is the new wonder product. It blurs imperfections, balances the tones in your skin, adjusts to mirror your skin tone perfectly and has SPF35 to protect skin even more. Oh and did I mention that it applies like an absolute dream and its perfect for my oil prone skin!? Need I say more..
FM Cosmetics is pretty much like the new Avon only with better quality products and high end dupes and high street prices. (Watch my review in full right here) I am obsessed with the perfume in the scent 18, its the perfect dupe for DKNY Be Delicious at a fraction of the price. 
My Pink Nikes (I've forgotten the type) are my favourite accessory for every gym outfit. They are so comfy and bouncy and I just love them. I may be looking for replacements right now, actually, I won't say replacement.. lets just say a companion for them but they will always be my favourites. 
Naturally my favourites can't be complete without some food cause we all know girlfriend loves food. The first is the Lenny & Larrys Complete Cookie, being on a fitness hype the cookies are the perfect sweet treat that taste just like a delicious chunky cookie but with 16g of protein. A serving is half a cookie which means a box lasts a lot longer than normal and they are so filling that its easy to stop at half. 
The Grenade Carb Killa is basically a caramel chocolate bar parading its self as a protein bar. I normally HATE protein bars and the chalky protein texture but those things do not exist in this delicious bar. It is AMAZING. 
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