Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Fit Food - Meal Time Inspiration


I have recently made the conscious decision to start working out and putting the right foods into my body. Now I'm putting it out there right now that its not for the sake of a "Bikini Body," Ladies, if you want a bikini body then you put that bikini on your body right now! Its more for me wanting to feel good about myself and my body because for a while now I just haven't been happy. I've fallen into a sort of pattern when it comes to food so I thought I would share my favourite meals and places to shop with you in an aid for your own journey. 

BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day.. right!? My favourite things to have for a quick breakfast before my 7AM starts at work is two of the Fuel Protein Brix (like weatabix but with added protein) and almond milk, sometimes a little stevia makes its way onto them too.. When I'm off work or start later in the mornings I always reach for 2 eggs and either scramble them or make them into an omelette with some ham. 

SNACKING happens three times a day, yes THREE. I'm not into that whole "3 main meals a day and thats it" crap.  I have a mid morning snack at around 10AM, Mid afternoon snack at around 4PM and the last one at 9:30PM. A few of my favourites are Quest Bars or Protein Chips (you can find them here & here) An apple with a handful of almonds, Green beans with sweet chilli sauce and rye bread and peanut butter (especially before an afternoon workout.) My evening snack is always the same; 2 Caramel rice cakes, a small amount of hotel chocolat supermilk and some blueberries. 

LUNCH is always rather similar. Chicken with some vegetables and either with or without basmati rice. I have recently started buying frozen vegetables that you can microwave as it makes meal prepping easier as well as staying fresh for much longer therefore stopping them being wasted. My favourite place to get chicken from is Protein Pouch, they have a nice range of chicken either whole breast, sliced or diced that you pop in your freezer and just take out what you need when you need it. It's kept fresher for longer and its really good value for money. They also do a whole range of vegetable pouches, sweet potato wedges and also some fresh flavoured chicken. 

DINNER can be fun. The meal I tend to enjoy the most is a homemade cottage pie with peppers, green beans and sweet potato mash on top. Other things that I am looking forward to trying is beef burgers with a lettuce bun and rice. Fajitas are also another delicious option.

See, being healthy isn't all bad! 
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