Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Mexico Monday! 12 Weeks To Go..

I am aware it is Tuesday today..
Current Weight: 123lbs or 55.7kg
Gym Sessions: Six
(2 x Pre Breakfast Cardio, 2 x Back & Biceps, 1 x Chest & Triceps, 1 x Legs)
Water Drank: 13 Liters
Clean Meals Eaten: 25
Cheat Meals Eaten: 5

Well, as far as countdown weeks go, this one hasn't be the best. There have been a few occasions during the week where the need for the ease of a simple 'cheat' meal has overcome me and I've caved. It can sometimes be difficult to find the time to cook a clean meal after being at work for 9 hours and finishing at 8pm or being stuck in a VW garage by a pushy salesman who was out for all he could get, when you leave at three after not eating since breakfast the motivation to go home and cook a meal is at an all time low, McDonalds here we come!
I'm hoping, despite the slight dietary mishaps, the the 1lb gain is actually muscle. I have been training pretty hard in the gym most of the time and can already see and feel the difference in both my biceps and triceps as well as the shape of my back.
This week I am hoping to up the amount of water I drank in the week as well as lowering the amount of cheat meals!
With 12 weeks to go I'm hoping I will start getting more motivated and get my head in the zone!
We'll see, eh?

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