Friday, 19 April 2013

Fitness Friday - Workout of the Week

If anyone is confused by the whole Fitness Friday/Mexico Monday on a Friday thing then see HERE for an explanation. 

For my first Mexico Monday inspired Fitness Friday post I am going to be telling you about my favourite workout Josh and I completed this week.
This workout comes from Monday mornings pre breakfast Cardio session. The aim was to burn around 300 calories on the cross trainer, however, after about 5 minutes in we both needed a wee, our new target was 150 before a toilet stop. After the quick stop josh suggested we do a circuit to finish off instead of getting back on the cross trainer so this is what we did:

Skipping with 10 double unders 
(the skipping rope spins twice in one jump)
or 30 seconds of normal skipping


15 Kettlebell Swings 
(chose a sensible weight, nothing to heavy. Dip into squat position and swing kettlebell above your head keeping your arms straight)


30 Second Plank
(lay flat on the ground, push yourself up off of the ground slightly leaning on forearms and toes, keep legs and body suspended straight behind you, hold abs tight to keep you stable)


15 Crunches using ab machine 
(Hold body suspended on handles and pull legs up using abs)
or 15 sit ups

30 Second Rest
Repeat 3 times

Let me know if you try this out at home or in the gym and tell me how you found it!

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