Saturday, 13 April 2013

OOTN: My Birthday Dinner!

Please excuse the blurry-ness, my camera was not enjoying the print on this dress..

If anyone saw my 'What I Got For My Birthday' post you may have seen me mention the two mysterious dresses that my lovely boyfriend got me for my birthday.. Well, here is one of those dresses. It is beautiful. I wore this one on my Birthday for my meal out with my Boyfriend, Dad, Grandma, and Boyfriend's Mum. I love it because of the pretty flower pattern and because it's not something I would usually go for. I give Josh full credit for picking this out for me, you did good babe! 
I wore my tesco 'tory burch knock off' flats as well as some tights as it is still quite chilly over here despite it being Spring! I am already looking forward to the next occasion I get to wear this to as it seems a waste to leave something this pretty in my wardrobe for ages!

A few pictures that my Dad took during dinner. Thank you to my Grandma for my uber pretty birthday cake! 

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