Friday, 12 April 2013

Fitness Friday: Daily Supplementation

What, Where, How Much..
Boots Omega 3 1000mg (60 capsuals) - £4.55 - Link!
Haliborange disolvable Vitamin C tablets (20) - £3.69 -Link!
Maxiraw WPI Intensity Chocolate orange flavour - £39.99 - Link!
Reflex Nexgen+ (90 Capsuals) - £14.99 - Link!
ON Amin.o. Energy BCAAs - £25.99 - Link!
Grenade Thermo Detonator fat burner - £27.99 - Link!

Small disclaimer, I am new to the fitness scene and am in no way trying to pretend I'm a professional because I'm not. This is just my views on the subject with a little help from my smart cookie and fitness friday co-writer of a boyfriend! 
Supplements are of course an important part of a fitness diet, each individual product has it's own way of improving performance, recovery and overall health. 
The supplements included in this post are the ones I use on a typical day, consisting of a cardio session in the morning and a weights session in the afternoon. 

In the morning before we head to the gym for our cardio session I take 1 grenade fat burner with one scoop of liquid BCAAs in a glass of water. The grenades are the best way to get that coffee like energy kick to prepare you for your session whilst raising your metabolism to help you burn more fat during the session. As I do morning cardio pre breakfast on an empty stomach BCAAs help to prevent muscle breakdown as my body has no fuel to run on. 
Breakfast is accompanied by a glass of water and a dissolvable vitamin C tablet, 1 multi vitamin and 2 omega 3, I do the same thing with my dinner too minus the vitamin C. The vitamin C does a good job of perking you up if you feel like you're coming down with those horrible colds, giving your immune system a little boost. The Multi vitamin and omegas are just essential vitamins to help your body do its thing, I have found since taking those daily my skin has cleared up massively and I have felt a lot better in myself. 
Pre and Post workout I mix up 1 scoop of Maxiraw WPI with about 150ml of water. I am not a massive fan of the taste but I'm sort of at the stage now where I can just down it and get it over and done with nice and quick. The protein is perfect for supplying your body with the energy and fuel it needs to aid you through the workout as well as feed your muscles after you have finished in the gym. 

I know this isn't amazingly detailed but I'm still learning too! If anyone has any questions then leave them below and I will consult my very knowledgeable boyfriend if I don't know the answer!
& Josh.

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