Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Depotting MUA Eyeshadows & Z Pallet!

Who's ready for a picture heavy post? You are? Great, lets get started. In today's post I am going to cover two things, Depotting and the Z Pallet. I decided a while back that I was going to invest, I use that term as it was £15, in a Z Pallet so I can depot all my MUA 12pc pallets and condense them into one place.

You Will Need: Your eyeshadows, A Pin, Some tin foil and a Straightener.
A lot of people use candles to depot but I decided to use my straightener as it causes less damage to the bottom on the pallet and doesn't smell as strong of melting plastic. 
Place the tin foil onto of the hot straightener and place the pallet on top, hold it down for between 40seconds to a minute to give the glue on the bottom enough time to soften up and loosen off.
Once the glue has softened up take a pin and run it around the edge of the pan to loosen it off, it should just pop out of the pallet if the glue is soft enough if not nudge the pin slightly underneath the pan to dislodge it slightly. If all else fails and you have a particularly stubborn eyeshadow chuck it back on the heat for a few more seconds. 
Once I had depotted the eyeshadows from 5 MUA pallets I stuck little magnets on the bottom of them as I found the magnetised bottom of the Z Pallet doesn't hold the pans that well. I got a roll of sticky magnets from hobbycraft for £3 and just cut them off.
My completed pallet. Mathematicians among you may realise that this pallet only holds 45 colours and 12 colours x 5 pallets = 60. I did end up throwing some colours away either because I destroyed them when trying to get some out of the pallets or they were really similar to a colour I already have in depotted. Some may see that as a waste but I found that cutting them down and having a variety of colours meant that I could make more use of them. 
Overall I think the large Z pallet is a good investment if you have a lot of pallets lying around cluttering up your make up collection that you would rather keep together. Now that I have got rid of 5 MUA pallets I have been able to divide my eye drawer better. 


  1. Thank you for posting this! Lately I have been thinking about depotting and you've made it looks so simple and easy :D


    1. it was really fun to do as well, passed the time x

  2. Great idea, and also looks so simple! I may have to try this, tahnks for sharing!
    Stace x

  3. This looks so good - love that you can see all the shadows you have in one go rather then going between all the palettes!

  4. I'd never have the patience to sit down and do this but the end result just looks so nice.x

  5. When I get a few more I'll be doing this! Great post!


  6. This is some huge dedication you have going on to do that 50 times over! Great idea though and some great tips!



    Just a reminder that my giveaway is still running!



  7. Oh Char it looks so pretty in the Z palette!!
    Good work!



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