Saturday, 31 March 2012

March 'Harrods' Glossybox

I have been a real bad blogger recently and for that I am very sorry! College work has completely taken over my life for the last two weeks but yesterday I handed my assignments in and now I am off for two weeks so I aim to be back, blogging in full force! 
I know I'm not alone when I say, I was slightly disappointed in the Harrods glossybox. I was expecting a bit more then piddly samples and yet another Clarins product, especially when its from Harrods possibly the richest store ever surely they could afford to put at least one full size in the box! I was a lucky one who got the Burberry lipstick but it was quickly off loaded to my mum as its really not that great colour wise and consistency wise. I think the only product from the box I will use is the Molton Brown soap because it smells quite nice. The YSL and Clarins products are both aimed at firming wrinkles and skin which as a nearly 19 year old its not something I've had to worry about yet, two more products shifted to my mums collection. 
I am going to give glossybox one more chance with the April box, if it fails to succeed with a good box I will be un-subscribing and getting on the market to join a new box. If anyone is subscribed to a box that they are loving at the moment then please please let me know so I can have a look at your posts about them!
Have a lovely day beauties! 


  1. I too was very dissapointed with mine, although your box seems much better than mine, it was my first & last Glossybox!


  2. I never subscribed it didn't seem worth it.

    NRC ♥

  3. I was soooo tempted to join in time to get the Harrods box but am I didn't now, u sound so disappointed. I would have been too for all the same reasons

    Rianna xxxxxxx

  4. i never thought these things were worth it they just seem so over hyped! and yes the food is my fave haha <3


  5. I haven't signed up for any of these boxes for exactly this reason. I'm also trying to switch to organic and natural cosmetics, so ti doesn't make sense to end up with loads of samples I'll never use.

  6. Nice stuff!


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