Wednesday, 14 March 2012

OOTD: Bright Blue

I haven't done one of these posts in ages! In the summer I will do a tonne because I wear all my favourite clothes then. Anyway, here is what I am wearing today whilst I am seeing my grandma and helping her bake cakes for her church teas. 

Showing a bit of skin today, naughty. I have been waiting for a chance to wear this blazer, from missguided, ever since I ordered it. It is a brightish blue and I love it! (sorry my camera is dying so quality is a bit bad) I paired it with a plain white slightly cropped top and a pair of plain black super skinny jeans which are a complete mission to get on and off, I am not even kidding when I say sometimes I require assistance from my mum to help me get them off. Leopard print belt, everyone loves a little leopard print. 

I wish I had got a better picture of my shoes but they are my all time favourite cowboy boots. They cost £90 but I have had them for about three, yes three, years and they get better with age and wear. 

I am rocking the matching nails today too! This is the colour 'Turquoise' by Jack Wills which I got the other day. Haul coming soon! 

Hope you all have a lovely day! 


  1. Lovely outfit, i've wanted a blazer for a while but i'm not sure i'd be able to pull it off.

    1. I prefer less structured blazers, they are easy to pull off x

  2. that blazer is soo cute, i love it.

  3. the nail color will match my new skirt... i will surely look for that color when i visit the mall this weekend.

  4. I love that blazer so much! x

  5. Loove the outfit, the blazer is super cute. And the boots look great too! x


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