Friday, 22 June 2012

Featured Blogger - Beca

Beca is a 27 year old blogger over at Becaboosmakeup who just recently reached 100 bloggers, an amazing milestone!  Congratulations Beca! 

THE BLOG: I started my blog October 2011. After reading beauty blogs and watching Youtube videos for a few years, I decided to join in and "Becaboosmakeup" was created. I wanted to share my views and love of make-up. I love trying out new things so I like to review and swatch products and give my honest opinions on them so you can see what something is like before you buy. I love to get my readers involved and give something back so I also have regular giveaways! I am still new to all this but I'm really enjoying having a go! 

THE BLOGGER: My name is Rebecca but you can call me Bec and I live in the West Midlands. I love browsing for, and buying new make-up, haircare, skincare and clothes, so much so that it drives my boyfriend to despair lol. He tries to calm my spending down but he doesn't have much luck! I have a boring job and so I enjoy putting my creativity into my blog and videos so that hopefully you can enjoy them all! I also love trash TV as my boyfriend calls it. And I love food. A little too much most of the time

  1. 1.   I can't speak properly sometimes especially when I have a word beginning with a H followed by a word beginning with a vowel. A prime example was when I was in Subway and I was trying to order a 6 inch turkey and ham sub on the honey oat bread. I ended up saying "oney hoat" lol! Unless I consciously slow down my speech, this always happens lol
  2. 2.  I am a very open person so I very often come out with things that other people would be too embarrassed to say or talk about. 
  3. 3.  And lastly, a couple of random facts - I once sang for the Queen and I was a member of Mensa. Yeah I find it hard to believe too especially with some of the things I come out with lol.
Thank you Beca for taking part! 


  1. Aww, this is such an adorable idea for a blog series, and congrats to Becca for being selected! xx

  2. Great blog Beca! Xx


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