Thursday, 28 June 2012

Adventure Time!

Me and my boyfriend go on a fair few adventures from late night Tesco trips in our pyjamas to a four day adventure to see Josh's dad. We left on Monday night after Josh finished work and after two hours in the car, seeing the biggest tesco in the world (no, seriously, it's absolutely massive) and getting a little tour of the area we arrived at Josh's dad's house. After one of the nicest pizza's I've had in a long time we chilled, watched movies and ate junk food. Josh decided it would be a good idea to get me to try some hot sauce, I say hot sauce it's more like fire in a bottle. Being the sympathetic boyfriend that he is he laughed as I cried.. (tut tut) Tuesday, I got my butt absolutely kicked at bowling, however I did manage to win one game (just) and only because Josh was being a good boyfriend a bowling left handed instead of right handed, a win is a win! We saw 'Rock Of Ages' in the coolest cinema, which had sofa's at the back and they gave you like nachos and sweets during the film, worth the extra money paid for it cause it was super comfy. I found a gooden' with Josh cause he is an amazing cook, he makes the best fajitas everrrrr, yum! Wednesday was our last proper day in which we shopped, chilled and then went out for a meal with some of Josh's family at a very nice Chinese restaurant. Before dinner we stopped off at the weirdest pub I've ever seen in my life, its called the Crooked House and it literally is crooked, makes you feel a bit tipsy when you walk inside. I was shown how if you roll a marble along the top of a chair it rolls up instead of down, god knows how it's done, strange! 

A little while back I was at a place in my life that was far from great but Josh came along and has made every day happy and positive ever since. I haven't been this happy in a long time and it's all thanks to him! Thank you Joshie, Love you! 


  1. People are so quick to be negative about their partner. It's lovely to hear about people in love.


  2. You two sound sound soo cute! glad you had a good time! Sounds great!xx

  3. Oh my - you were in my neck of the woods. I haven't been to the Crooked house in ages! By any chance was the Tesco at Burn Tree Island?

    Glad you had a lovely time :)


  4. The idea of sofas in a cinema is amazing! The cinema we tend to go to their seats are so lush and they go backwards and oh my god are they so comfy!

    Sounds like you both had a great little road trip!


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