Thursday, 14 June 2012

It's the final countdown!

dunununuuu dununununuu! *sing it* 
The last two years of education have been the best two years, ever. I hated school with a passion despite having amazing friends it just wasn't for me so I left and started studying Sports Science at college. In September 2010 I joined a huge group of people in a really unfamiliar place, sitting in the sports hall feeling ridiculously nervous because I knew no one, not cool. We eventually got separated into our new classes and after a few sessions of 'ice breakers' the class had bonded pretty well. For the next two years our class was really close, we had our odd off moments but we sorted them pretty quickly and things remained the same. I probably would never have managed to get through the last two years if it wasn't for the girls, Kelly, Siobhan and Ellie, we have been the "Awesome Foursome!" and they have become like my best friends. Each day was guaranteed to be full of laughs and some seriously hilarious banter especially between Kelly and Siobhan. These girls have made the last two years bearable, hilarious and fun, I actually enjoy going to college just because of them, my god am I going to miss them! The teachers at college are so different to the teachers at school because they treat you like friends. It has been so easy to mess around with them, joke with them and talk to them when things get serious, nothing would make you feel as comfortable as that. Some, well I'd say one, is an idiot who I will not miss but there is a few that I will miss because they are so funny and nice. What's more fun then watching your teacher "wrestle" with a student and then attempting to throw you over his shoulder? nothing, cause crazy stuff like that doesn't happen at school! 

On Monday I am going into college for the final day of my course, I'll be saying goodbye to some amazing friends who I genuinely hope to stay in contact with, to the teachers who have helped me achieve my best results I've ever had and to the best two, educational, years I've ever had. 
I hate saying goodbye.


  1. I hate goodbyes too, but it's the start of a new and exciting chapter xo

  2. Well done on completing your course & doing so well! :)


  3. Awww, I remember leaving college and it was strange I felt like it had gone so quickly - the same with uni. That's one thing I like about the teachers at uni and college they are more like friends than teachers :)


  4. i hate saying good bye as well x but you will keep in touch!
    congrats for finishing your course!

    Natali xox

  5. I'm leaving my job in August to go back to uni and study Nursing. To say I'm scared/upset would be an understatement but I know I'm doing the right thing. It will literally be like leaving my family and I am terrified.

    Congrats on finishing your course! I left school 6 years ago and even though my friends live atleast 120 miles away, we are still the best of friends. You will keep in touch! Good Luck!



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