Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Little Update!

When you read this I will be in Birmingham on day 2 of my little adventure with my boyfriend which I am super happy about. I thought I would give you guys a little update on my life cause I have been pretty AWOL from blogging so why not let you all know!? Where do I start.. 
I finished college last Monday which was sad saying goodbye to two amazing years of education which really shone through in the grades I managed to achieve. I walked out comfortably with two distinction* which is the highest grades you can get. All through school I fell into the middle or bottom bands when it came to grades so to leave with the highest grade possible makes me so unbelievably proud of myself. To top it all off I got an award for being the "outstanding student of the year" in my tutor, ooh yeaaaaaahhh! Here's to 6+ weeks of summer, bring on the sunshine!
Me and Mum finally sold our house! After it being on the market for 5 months and many disagreements with one estate agent we swapped to another one and they sold it within two weeks, you go elevations! Right now we are on the hunt for our new perfect home. It's going to be a sad day when we have to pack up and leave but it's best for everyone to leave this home and all the bad memories behind and move on with our lives. Besides, I'm thinking of a Moving House Series featuring lots of interesting posts when it all kicks off! 
I am heading off to Malta in three weeks time with my mum, aunty and cousin for a girls holiday. I am super excited to get away, get some proper sunshine and see where my mum and aunty spent some of their childhood. It's going to be a good trip however I am probably going to miss my boy! Currently I am attempting to plan outfits for the holiday as normally I just chuck a load of clothes in a case and never think whether they go together or not. This year I will consider it first before packing them up! 
I am a bit of a "reality" tv junkie so I am looking forward to Geordie Shore coming back, it's bound to be hilarious. Slightly disappointed that so much good tv has finished though! Bye bye One Tree Hill, Desperate Housewives, Towie and Made In Chelsea.. I've got really into Smash (the grown up Glee) which is a goodun' 
Anyway, that is what's been going on recently. Back to blogging like I used to! 


  1. Well done on your grades and congrats on selling your house!
    Hope you're having a good time in Birmingham xxx

  2. Congratulations on being outstanding! x

  3. Well done with your grades! I hope you have fun on holiday! Xx

  4. Congrats on the award, have a lovely time on holiday!



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