Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Featured Blogger - Lucia!

Lucia is 20 Years old and from Spain. She has been blogging fashion, beauty and hauls over at Girly Frame for just under a year. 

The Blog: On my blog I like to make haul posts because it can inspire people to see which stores have what and where to go to buy certain things, outfits of the day, random weekly photos of my life, product reviews, inspired outfits from tv shows or celebrities and some other posts like fashion books, inspiration, things that I’m loving, monthly favourites…It’s a way for me to show my fashion style and my love for makeup and share it with people who like fashion and beauty as well; and also, while I do that, I show my personality too.

The Blogger: My name’s Lucia (which is pronounced Lu-thi-ah) and I live in Madrid, Spain. I study journalism at university because I love writing. Because of that and my passion for shopping, fashion, beauty and all of that stuff I decided to create this blog. I also love watching tv shows and movies to the point that it’s kind of a crazy addiction of mine; the same as listening to music, which I do all the time. I’m the biggest procrastinator ever, so I’m actually proud of myself for keeping up with this blog.

The Facts: 
1. I'd love to be a writer or a screenwriter. I think that's why I watch that many tv shows. 
2. My style is casual most of the time but I like to add girly things to my outfits so they're not boring.
3. I spent my senior year of high school in the US and I'm in love with the country. I want to live there in the future. 

Thank you for getting involved! 


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