Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Blogger Lovin'

So today is Valentines Day, and whether you are celebrating this or Singles Awareness Day everyone deserves a bit of lovin'. So here I am, taking cupids place, and spreading a little love from me to all of my lovely followers. Yesterday on this post I asked people to comment with the promise that today I would tell each and every one of you that did something that I like about you. Are you ready? Here we go!

Candice  - First off, she is from Australia which makes me slightly jealous because hello, its Australia. Her blog is based on reviewing products which is super helpful. The reviews she gives are really in depth and most of all she is honest, she's not one of those girls who gets a product and tells everyone how much she loves it even if she hates it. If she hates it, you will know about it! Candice you have a great blog and I hope you keep it up! X
Deanna - I am loving Deanna's style, it is so cute! Her blog mostly consists of outfit posts which are always portraying some seriously cute and quirky outfits that I wish I could manage to pull of like she does! I like how she comes up with original titles for each of her blog posts, they always make me feel so intrigued as to what the post is about. X
Molly - Another blogger with cute style! Molly does amazing reviews of products which always make me feel like I need to go out and buy the product asap. Molly is also a fan of One Direction, they are my guilty pleasure so she deserved a follow just for that haha ;) I am still undecided which member is my favourite.. Molly, you have a great blog and I am surprised you don't have more followers! X
Rachael  - Rachael's blog was one of the first blogs I followed when I joined blogger and have enjoyed following her journey from the UK to a "quick" hop over the pond to live with her, now, hubby in America! I love that Rachael's blog isn't the typical beauty blog, it shows more creative things and daily life and of course the Visa issues! When she moved it was like my own friend had moved! Glad that you are finally starting to settle in, I am forever jealous that you are living in America! X   
 Mayra - I really like Mayra's blog because her content ranges from beauty to fashion to hauls to food, all of my favourite things haha! Mayra always leaves really sweet comments on posts which is always nice to read. X
Nicky - I am so glad I have had the chance to get to know Nicky! She is just so sweet and kind all the time. I am hoping that I will actually get to meet her in the near future, especially as I am dragging her to IMATS next year with me hehe ;) I am constantly reading her blog or watching her youtube videos because they are both so good so I think you all need to go follow and subscribe to them both and support Nicky because she totally deserves it! X
Imogen - Imogen was the winner of my first ever giveaway on my blog and she was really grateful for it which was really nice to see. I have been following Imogen's blog for a while now and even though she does disappear for a while I am always happy to see her blog pop up on the reading list because she's come back and posted again! I love reading her blog, her pictures are always great quality and everything is nice and detailed. She deserves more followers! X
Francesca - I haven't been following Francesca's blog for a very long time but I actually really like it, so I am glad that she commented on my post so I could discover it! The reviews that she does are so detailed and structured that you know every inch of the good and bad of the product that you can completely make up your mind whether you should purchase it or not. Francesca is another blogger with great photography which can make products even more desirable! X
Becca - I am just stating, right here, for everyone that Becca is the next big blogging thing!  Her blog gets so many hits and followers all the time because she puts so much time and effort into her posts and she thoroughly deserves every hit and follower she gets. Every time a new post appears I feel like I need to go out and buy all the clothing and accessories  that have been featured! X 
Ciara - I am a huge fan of Ciara's confidence and style. She can create a cute outfit, accessorize it and look great. She also posts some seriously cute and inspirational photos which is a great addition to her blog. I am glad that I am following her! X

I hope you enjoyed this post, hugs and kisses to you all! 


  1. Aw thank you for the mention my love! It's great that you enjoy my blog so much, really does mean a lot. Now i'm off to spend the rest of the afternoon checking out all these other lovely girls and their blogs!

  2. Oh Char you nearly made me cry which is quite a hard thing to do! What you wrote is so sweet and I would have written exactly the same about you ;) I'm gonna have a look at the other lovely ladies now... :)


  3. I'm always up to finding new amazing blogs! Thanks for sharing :) I will check these out! Happy V-day!

    <3 Denise


    1. I would have totally done one for you! I love your blog :) X

  4. This is so lovely. You have such a gorgeous blog that I'm so glad I've found! I hope you've have a very good V Day :)
    <3 x

  5. you babe! you made me smile with your lovely comment! thankyou so much sweetie! xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Awww thank you Char! You are a sweetheart. I hope you have a great Valentines Day with your boyfriend.

  7. Oh wow, thankyou so much! Made my day!

  8. awwww, thankyou sooo much. Honestly made my dayy, your sooo sweet. And Niall is my favourite <3 your one of the nicest people i have met on blogger !!!! oxoxo

  9. Aw thank you! Can't wait to check out these blogs. <3

  10. Such a lovely cute post :) Xx


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