Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Stackers' Review

A few weeks ago I was out shopping because pay day always makes me want to spend money on things I really don't need. However, when having a rare browse around John Lewis I came across a Jewellery box range called 'Stackers.' This is a form of 'create your own' jewellery box which comes in different sizes, small and large and range between £9 - £30 depending on the size and the part of the box you buy. You can get the top of the box, with a closable lid, to hold rings and earrings and the middle sections to hold the rest of the jewellery. You can buy as many sections as you need and essentially stack them together to make it as tall or small as you want. The range comes in a fair few colours so they are bound to fit any room! 
This is the small centre part I ended up buying and an example of how to use it to store jewellery in, it cost £9 which I think is pretty good price wise.
This is what I actually use my stackers section for. I keep it on my make up table and keep all my bobby pins, hair bands and clear elastics in because I am forever loosing them. I have been looking for something to store them in for ages so I decided that this is pretty perfect. So basically, even if this is made for jewellery you could pretty much store anything you wanted in it. 


I am not affiliated with stackers or John Lewis, neither companies are compensating me for this post nor do they even know I am talking about the product 


  1. I have so much jewelry, this looks like it'd be great for it! Even for make up haha I should stop at Tj maxx or marshalls here, they sell a lot of containers like these..Thanks for putting the thought to mind!

    1. I'm glad I managed to help! haha X

  2. They look so cute and a great way to organise. Love how you have the ability to add and take levels away.

  3. Never seen these before, I'm definitely going to have to check them out! xx

  4. These look so nice! I was debating whether or not to get one of these a few months ago, think I will now! x

  5. These are so cute! Def going to have a look at them when I'm next shopping.


  6. great piece!


  7. OMG I've wanted some of these for a while, they're always staring at me in my local John Lewis! Love the one you got, too, such a pretty form of storage xx

  8. thats so cute, and such a good idea ;)

  9. Hi, They are so cute, I am defiantly on my way to pick some up hopefully they will have some left :)

  10. They sound great I need a new jewellery box! Xx

  11. I have been looking for something exactly like this for ages (that is definitely 'pretty')! Thanks so much for sharing this, you have ended about a 2 year search haha! xxx

  12. I haven't been on in a while and only just read this one. Those 2 flowers are just gorgeous, i'm guessing they are scrunchies? where did you get them from, I need one!




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