Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Top 5 Series: Makeup Brands!

We are reaching the end of my Top 5 series, I have a feeling this is the second to last one of these posts and this week I am talking Makeup brands, high end to drugstore! 
If you have been following me for a while you may know that Rimmel is pretty much my favourite 'drugstore' make up brand. I own at least one product from each of Rimmel's lines e.g. a foundation, a lipstick, a eyeshadow, a nail varnish ectt. I'd say rimmel is one of the more expensive 'drugstore' brands but its not going to give a massive dent in your purse! 
I love NYC mostly for their mascaras. I think I could safely put their HD length mascara as my holy grail mascara and for only £3 - £4 a tube and extra lengthened and voluminous eyelashes its pretty easy to put it in that position. I am yet to expand my purchases into other products but I've heard good things about their lipsticks and eyeshadows so no disappointment there! 
I recently received my first ever NYX order the other day thanks to my ever so generous mum who was in the mood to treat me (love you mum!) I am in love with all aspects of NYX especially the lip products and blush (post on those soon!) I will definitely be putting in another order for my birthday because I have already spotted a few more things I like the look of.
Me and ELF have a bit of a love, hate relationship. I find that some of their products, mostly brushes, are a little hit and miss. However when ELF do good, they do good! Who can say no to a high quality, highly pigmented eyeshadow quad or lipstick for just £1.50, no one. Plus its available all around the world so everyone can get in on the bargainous beauty action. 
I was a little slow on the MAC train and by that I mean I got my first ever MAC cosmetics for Christmas last year. Since then I have been bitten by the bug and literally want to buy everything. I think every beauty blogger or just girl in general love a bit of MAC makeup! The brand itself is such amazing quality, yet sometimes a little over priced, but you can't fault the pay off of the actual product. I prefer to order online a lot due to the makeup artists at my MAC counter always seem a bit stuck up.. 



  1. i've never tried NYX but really want to check out their jumbo eye pencils. and i completely agree about MAC ahaha.x

  2. Agree with you about Rimmel - they always seem to be pretty much on form across the board with their products. I too find ELF very hit and miss, i've been really put off with their nail varnishes but I don't mind their brushes. I've never tried anything by MAC, i've never been sucked into it!

  3. Great choices, I love Rimmel!

  4. Love your blog and it's beautiful template.. following xx

    1. Thanks so much! Will check yours out X

  5. Rimmell is a great pick that is very reasonable. These are great choices!

    Chat soon!

    Ava Roxanne @MySkinConcierge

  6. I love e.l.f,mac and rimmel :) Xx


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