Saturday, 18 February 2012

January Glossybox Review!

So, In January's box I received;  Clarins extra firming day cream & extra firming night cream, Murad hybrids skin perfecting primer, FAB Gentle body wash and Eyeko skinny eyeliner. Like every month of course I am going to let you know what I thought about these products.
First up we have the Murad hybrids skin perfecting primer. I'm not sure if you can see properly from the picture, where I had blended it in, but this really is not my colour. It looks so orange on my skin tone that I did not even try it on my face. It claims to give a dewy finish and as someone who can suffer from oily skin I really don't need any help giving my skin a shine. I wasn't a fan of this product. 
Lets start with the positives, these two products smell like sun cream and weirdly I love the smell of sun cream so I was more than happy to put this on my skin and smell it for ages. They feel a little greasy at first but once the cream has sunk in, which it does really fast, your skin feel so soft and moisturised. One thing that put me off a little was there wasn't any "This is what our product aims to do" so its like why am I using this if I don't know what its aims are, how am I meant to know if its working? 
When I was having a nose at other people's glossybox reviews I noticed that a lot of them were getting strange coloured eyeliners so I was very happy to receive the shade Midnight Blue which is a seriously deep blue that could pass for black. Eyeko eyeliners are so creamy and apply with such ease that even me, who isn't a fan of eyeliners, was happy to apply this without colouring my eye in! Bonus.

This product confused me, don't judge I'm not stupid. However on the bottle it says 'body moisturizer' but on the card glossybox send through it says 'body wash' so I was like am I meant to use this in the shower or just use it on its own? In the end I assumed the bottle must be right and used it as a moisturiser. As a moisturiser it was a non greasy formula which smells really nice and soaks in super quick, always a positive! Getting a sample size of the product means that it can easily be popped in your bag for on the go application throughout those winter months.

So, I am now awaiting February's box to see what glossybox have to offer! What did you think of your box last month?


  1. I noticed that about the eyeliners too! pinks and purples? what good will that do? Midnight Blue sounds divine :D I still can't decide whether to subscribe to glossybox or not! xxxx

  2. lovely review :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  3. Lovely post! So jealous of your box! xxx

  4. But I thought the Murad primer was made specifically for oily skin?


  5. Great review, looks like some lovely products. I'm pretty much testing out lots of different boxes atm to see which is right for me :) x

  6. Lovely review!

    Kisses Anne

  7. Pink eyeliner looks great on your lower waterline - really opens up the eyes x

  8. Clarins products are really great! You got a really good box :)

  9. Great review :) I know what you mean about the odd Eyeko colours I noticed that. Luckily enough I got pink with mine which I can still use.


  10. I got the same box as you! :D Really good one I think. I've used the Clarins firming creams but nothing else. :) Great posts btw!

  11. I got the same as you in my GlossyBox! I really enjoyed using the Clarins extra firming day cream & night cream Xx


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